The Most Canadian Thing I’ve Ever Seen- Part 2

I’m on my reading week this week which is suppose to be for “studying” and “catching up on assignments” but we all know perfectly well that the only thing you’ll be studying during reading week is your YouTube recommended section and the Netflix homepage. I am no exception to this and pretty well spent my morning on youtube watching prank videos, the keyboard cat, Ellen Degeneres making her staff go through haunted houses and the most Canadian video I’ve ever seen: LetterKenny Problems.

I had watched these videos a couple years ago when they first came out, mostly because when a Canadian person uploads something on YouTube that becomes even remotely famous, every Canadian and their dog has to sit down and watch it because you’re either related to them, know someone who’s related to them or you passed through a town once and you’re 90% sure these are the same people who bought you a Tims coffee and gave you directions, so you have to support them. LetterKenny Problems are a series of videos (and is now a T.V show on the comedy channel) which go through a list of problems that people experience while living in a small town in Ontario. I found these videos so incredibly hilarious not just because their Canadian accents are as thick and as genuine as I’ve ever heard in my life, but also because I grew up in a small town in Ontario (and currently only live about 3 hours away from LetterKenny… yes, LetterKenny is a real place) and I know perfectly well just how accurate these videos are. Most of my audience is Canadian so you’ll appreciate the pure hilarity and accuracy of this video but for those few who are not Canadian just know that “darts” are slang for cigarettes and all dressed chips are a delicacy here…but not really. They’re just the best version of fried potatoes you’ll ever have in your life, but I’m extremely biased. I’m also extremely Canadian just like this video so I can confirm that this is definitely the most Canadian thing I’ve ever seen (other than the time a deer jumped through a Tim Hortons window, which I already wrote about).

** There’s a lot of swearing in this video… like a lot. But you can’t really get the true Canadian spirit captured on tape without the F word being dropped every 3 words. So just plug in your headphones…eh? **

I can’t lie and say that I’m sure everyone will think this is funny. I’m like 90% sure most people who watch this are going to be like “Seriously, Danielle…. are you high? Are you on meth? Have you have too many darts today? Cause this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.” To which I will say no, I’m not high and no I haven’t had too many darts today. I actually haven’t had any darts today or any day since I don’t smoke, but it seems like you you need to cause THIS IS HILARIOUS AND I REFUSE TO ADMIT ITS NOT FUNNY AND I’M TOTALLY NOT JUST WRITING ABOUT THIS BECAUSE I HAVEN’T POSTED A BLOG POST IN OVER A WEEK….THAT’S TOTALLY NOT THE REASON.


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