Let’s Get Spoopy

It’s that time of year again when its socially exceptable to put fake dead people on your lawn, cover your house in spider webs and dress up in a costume all while not being accused of being a pyscopath- because its Halloween!

North America is OBSESSED with halloween. Every store, window and home is decorated for Halloween and you can’t escape it (not like you would want to anyways). We even have special “pop-up” stores here that just come around during Halloween that only sell Halloween costumes and all your other spoopy needs. (Yes, I did mean to spell it Spoopy and not Spooky. If you don’t get it, google it. The internet is obsessed with spoopy). I LOVE when these stores come to town, not only because I love halloween, but also because they sell the most amazing costumes and decorations and well…. things got weird when I went inside.

So when you first walk in, your greeted by creepy castle ft. a three headed dog (that honestly looked like fluffy from Harry Potter if you ask me) and creepy trees.


Then as you turn the corner of creepy castle your greeted by serial killer Suzy. She surprisingly looks like like me when when someone wakes me up early.


Yep, looks just like me before my morning coffee (which is also something that North Americans are obsessed with because apparently other counties don’t drink coffee as much as us????)img_5966-2

I was then greeted by this lovely hotel that I WOULD NEVER CHECK INTO. (The TV on the table in the front actually turned on and had an oh so lovely demon trapped in there that would scream it’s head off. It was so welcoming)


Oh, all your rooms are full? What a shame….img_8346-2



All of these statues would “come to life” and actually move around and make noise which made this store even more amazing. Just to make the experience extra spoopy, the activators for all these statues were hidden on the floor so when you UNKNOWINGLY stepped on them, you started them up…


WHICH FREAKED ME THE HELL OUT WHEN THIS CHICK STARTED GLOWING AND DANCING LIKE SHE WAS AT A MONSTER RAVE. Sorry to break it to you lady, but raves died out about 20 years ago…but it seems like you did too.


I then ran into the costume section which featured a number of….interesting options including this cop moustache which should be renamed “pedophile facial hair”,


fake cigarets were also an option, img_1874-2

and yes, Donald Trump who has now been renamed to “yelling candidate, img_1448-2

frowning candidate, img_2501-2

or smirking candidate.


And of course I had to get my boyfriend to put on “yelling candidate” and OH MY GOD IT WAS SO FUNNY.

See kids, you can literally be ANYTHING on halloween. Even a psychopath, racist, cheeto dust coloured, idiot.


I also got around to seeing some… interesting costume options, like “cozy goldfish”. Literally no part of that costume looks remotely cozy.


And “grunge wig” aka Kurt Cobainimg_4941-2

And “stoner hippy”. img_3744-2

Now, you must be thinking,

Danielle with all these costume options, how can you ever decide what you want to be for halloween?!
And my answer is this,


Because I honestly have no idea.

Cheers to costume hunting y’all!


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