Conversations You Have With Your Bestfriend

I recently switched over to an iPhone 6 which forced me to go through the horrible process of backing up my phone and actually going through all my cringey pictures that I don’t want to keep. While doing this I realized that I have way too many pictures of my cat and I also hoard screenshots of memes that I send to people once and then say that I’ll  delete them but I never do. I also have a ton of screenshots of old conversations with my best friend, Aneta, that I completely forgot about which was like hitting a gold mine.

Finding screenshots of old conversations you had is the modern day equivalent of when you used to clean out your room back in the day and you would find all these sentimental things buried in with all your crap that you totally forgot existed and it would bring back so many memories.


While reading these I was borderline ready to pee my pants (from laughter… not because I was being forced to. Cause that would be weird. And gross.) and I thought it would be even more hilarious to share them with you. So prepare yourselves for hilarity and absolute nonsense… but lets be honest, what else did you expect to find here?


This screenshot should be my whole resume. Why wouldn’t you hire me after this amazing accomplishment?


Yes, I may or may not have blacked out a bad word that I shouldn’t have used…. BUT FOCUS ON THE FACT THAT CANADA IS NOW CANDA THANKS TO ME.


This conversation was inspired by my boyfriends obsessive need to fart. Like all the time. It’s disgusting.


Speaking of my boyfriend, who is also my best friend, he likes to contribute to a fair amount of my screenshots as well. Unfortunately the “gentleman” stage does die out and you end up with texts like this, ladies.

I was almost surprised at the amount of seriously screwed up things me and Aneta text about but then I remember that we do things like this, img_2386

And this,


and this,


and then I forget why I’m surprised.

Aneta is FOR SURE going to murder me after she finds this, so if I don’t write another blog post in the next 4 days, call the Candian police.


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