Meme Of The Week- My Patronus Would Be Something Food Related

I would first like to point out that Microsoft Word does not recognize that patronus is a real word which I think is shameful and they need to change it asap.

This week on social media I came across so many hilarious memes that I had a hard time picking which one I would write about because they were all GENIUS and needed to be recognized but sadly, there is only one Monday in a week (if I had a quarter for every time I said that I would have…well I would have 25 cents because I’ve never said that before) so I could only write about one of them.

This genius of a meme came across my Facebook feed and I COULD NOT CONTAIN MY LAUGHTER.

14569844_10209866246905591_302892390_nYour. Patronus. Is a. NUGGET. IS THAT NOT THE MOST AMAZING THING YOU’VE EVER SEEN?!

*Disclaimer* I would like to add in that I don’t “like” KFC on Facebook… it just came across my news feed… I do like chicken, especially of the fried type, but I don’t like it enough to make it Facebook official.

Not only is this meme the perfect combination of Harry Potter, Food and hilarity but KFC actually put so much work into this meme. Like they put the nugget patronus in the forbidden forest and added arms, legs and even a face to him. I also appreciate their use of the winking “sexy time” emoji. If only the sexy time emoji was always followed with #Patronus and not…. other things that I don’t wish to see.

I think KFC deserves infinite gold stars in their marketing department because 99% of the worlds population are fans of Harry Potter (the other 1% are people who used to eat paste in kindergarten and tucked their pant legs into their socks… you know the type… just really bizarre kids that you know aren’t “all there” so to speak…) and who doesn’t love food? UMMM NO ONE. Which means that Harry Potter + Food related item =Instant success 

I think anyone who’s read the Harry Potter novels has asked themselves 3 questions:

  1. Which house would I be in?
  2. What would my wand look like/ be made out of?
  3. What would my patronus be?

And after seeing this I’m 110% sure my patronus would be food related. The choices consist of giant strawberry dipped in nutella, a butterscotch tarte, a christmas blend coffee from starbucks, or yes… a chicken nugget.

Notice how none of these options are healthy foods either.

Appreciate quality memes people! 2016 has been filled with a lot of crap and terrible news *cough* 2016 Presidential Election *cough* but, the amount of hilarious memes I’ve seen makes up for it…. almost.



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