The Most Canadian Thing I’ve Ever Seen- Part 1

I have a habit of attracting really weird things on social media. Like my youtube recommended section is all “cats riding lawn mowers while wearing cowboy hats” or “open heart surgery performed using only bendy straws” and my personal favourite “A 10 hour loop of the retarded running horse.” My Facebook feed is no different, which either means the internet is just playing a game with me and is like “lol were just gunna keep recommending the weirdest crap she’s ever seen on all her social media sites and see if she notices” or my friends are just really screwed up and attract just as many weird internet things as I do (which is the more likely option).

Today was no exception to this, and I came across this news article.14375393_10209753795494376_1215345280_o

Yes, you read that correctly. A Tim Hortons, in my city, had experienced a deer running through it’s window and was now “excepting delays”.

Side note: I also especially love the fact that there’s an “Appliances and Barbecues” store right down the street from the timmies on this map just so we can add a couple extra stereotype sprinkles to this mess.

My favourite part about this whole thing was instead of people being concerned for the deer or the people who were inside the Tim Hortons when this happened, people were more concerned with where on earth they were going to get their morning coffee. All the comments were like “well… looks like we’ll have to go the Tim Hortons on Ottawa street today bud” and they acted like it was HUGE deal that they had to go to a different Tim Hortons but THERES LITERALLY ONE ON ALMOST EVERY CORNER IN THE CITY. JUST WALK AFEW EXTRA STEPS AND YOU’LL SEE ANOTHER ONE. But I have to admit I’m being a hypocrite because I wasn’t concerned for the deer either, all I was thinking was how on earth did a deer manage to walk all the way into the middle of the city… and what made him decide to jump through a Tim Hortons window? I guess Canadian deer are a lot like Canadian people and they just really need their Timmies sometimes.

I wasn’t kidding about the 10 hour loop of the “retarted running horse”. People think I make these things up for comedic effect but I’m being 100% serious. These things really do happen to me.


4 thoughts on “The Most Canadian Thing I’ve Ever Seen- Part 1

  1. Open heart surgery performed using only bendy straws sounds like one hell of a feat. Kinda like those people that beat Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time with iron boots equipped using only a glass bottle and a sword, except actually gambling someone’s life as well as your gaming credibility.

    I also love that this is “Part 1”, which tells me you are anticipating something even MORE Canadian in the near future.

    (And what’s that song on the retarded running horse video? I know I’ve heard it somewhere before …)


    • This comment just made my day. And you are 100% correct that I do anticipate on writing on someone more Canadian (which is quite surprising honestly. I didn’t think I could possibly find anything more Canadian.)
      I also thought that the retarded running horse song sounded very familiar but it’s probably just because I’ve watched that video like 5000 times… and I can’t believe I just admitted that.

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