Marvellous Meme Monday- Anything Can Have a Face…As Long As It’s Drawn On With a Sharpie

Many people see the internet as a tool that has been used to create jobs, make research easier, house the worlds largest data bank,allow online banking to be a thing (thank god) and something that has changed the world forever since it’s invention. But I see it as a giant land of cat videos, memes, night blogging and fandoms and if humanity was totally honest with itself, those are probably the best things about the internet.

I have decided to start a segment called “Marvellous Meme Mondays” were I compile a list of the various memes and videos I have come across this week in the wonderful entity that is the internet because some of the memes I encounter are honestly too funny not to share.

This week a video came across my Facebook where some dude photo shopped faces on ordinary objects that you didn’t even think could have a face. It just proves that any object can have a face…as long as it’s been drawn on by a sharpie.

My personal favourite is the ball being squished by the treadmill or the beetle on the ball of… whatever he’s on. (I’m assuming its poop because most beetles roll poop into a ball and then like… collect more poop with them? Right?) The ball of poop is all “WOOOO YEA THIS IS SO FUN” and the beetle is like “no. god no. I worked to hard to make you and now you’re rolling away. omg no.”

Ahhh….. the internet is amazing, especially when you’re not using it to be productive.


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