Jello Cubes Can Have Raves Too

Around noon yesterday I received an email that my professor canceled my only class for today. I would usually be like WOOOOO CLASS IS CANCELED THANK GOD I CAN SLEEP IN AND NOT MOVE FROM MY BED AND WATCH NETFLIX ALL DAY but I was actually kind bummed because I literally had nothing else I could do today and so I ended up extremely bored.

Boredom is like crack to me. When I’m bored my brain manages to think of the stupidest yet most hilarious things which creates the best blog content in my opinion, and it usually really annoys my boyfriend so that’s a plus. But all summer I’ve had my fair share of bored days, so-much-so that my boredom has turned from being my crack to meth. So while I was on my boredom-laced-with-meth high today, I found a Jell-o app.

http-mashable-com-wp-content-uploads-2013-07-happy-jelloYes, there is an app called Jell-o Jiggle-it and its the most amazing thing next to sliced bread. Someone made the conscious decision to create an app where Jell-o cubes jiggle and dance to the beat of your music. Yup. You just pick your flavour of jello, pick your song and then watch this cube of jello rock-the-hell-out and have a jello rave on your phone. AND IT’S FREE. SOMEONE MADE THIS GENIUS APP AND DIDN’T EVEN WANT TO CHARGE PEOPLE FOR IT. GOD BLESS YOU SIR. 

I’m watching this little jell-o cube just have a hay day and shake its little jell-o cube butt on screen and I think that’s about the funniest thing I’ll ever see in my life but NOPE, it get’s funnier. All the sudden these words flash up on the screen saying “You go Jell-o!” 14284947_10209648056970979_2073557241_o“Break it down!” and I just fricken lost myself at that point. The app was not only making a jell-o cube jiggle to my David Guetta playlist but it was cheering it on. 

Just when I thought this app could not possibly get any better I look in the “How to Jiggle” section and in the instructions it says “The cube isn’t picky about music. Try a song thats a little faster or slower and watch him break it down!” Well let me tell you I was howling at this point. I couldn’t help but picture this middle aged woman with a “mom” haircut sitting behind a computer typing out the words “watch him break it down” and I fricking lost it. It was probably some young, skinny college kid that typed it up in real life but the way I pictured it just made it so much better.

But whoever decided to say that “The cube isn’t picky” LIED TO ME because look at what came up when Sia was about to kill it. 14274282_10209648055850951_671667024_o

NOT PICKY MY ASS. Someone needs to email Karen in the customer service department because IT’S NOT OKAY TO LIE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. If it wasn’t free I would totally want a refund. Just kidding, it’s way too funny to return it.

I also found a commercial for it on youtube and I CANNOT stop laughing.


You seriously can’t tell me that this isn’t the funniest thing you’ve ever seen in you’re life.


After I youtube’d (youtube’d is now a verb a guess?) that commercial, my youtube recommend section is all “Here, watch more Jello videos you weirdo” and I’m all UMMM YES so I came across this and HOLY CRAP THIS HIT ME RIGHT IN MY GIGGLE GLAND.

Youtube is going to be all “What the hell is up with this girl? Does she have a jell-o fettish or something?” and the answer is now yes.





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