20 Unimportant Things That Are 100% Appropriate to Stress Out About

After 3 months of multiple doctors visits, blood work, peeing in several jars and over 50 migraines, I have been diagnosed with being “stressed”.

How lame is that? You have all these bodily pains, insomnia, chronic hair loss, migraines and weight loss and you don’t even have a real disease. I guess I kind of saw that diagnosis coming over the last few weeks because after I dropped my slice of pizza one morning, I cried. Yes, you read that correctly. I was most definitely eating pizza in the morning and I certainly cried over said piece of pizza when it landed topping side down on the floor. Since exam season has ended and I actually have time to stress out about other things besides school, I have noticed a very odd pattern in the things I deam worthy to stress out about so naturally, being a psychotic blogger and because of my love for over organized lists, I wrote them all down.

Things I decided were appropriate to stress out about:

  1. p3yguDespite the fact that I spend 100’s of dollars on cat food each month, my cat has no way to actually thank me for feeding him and I’m pretty sure even if he could thank me, he wouldn’t.
  2. I bought a book to read 3 months ago, got 3 chapters in and then forgot where I put said book and it has been MIA ever since.
  3. I bought black leggings and own a white cat… you can see where I’m going with this.
  4. Donald trump is running for president, and is winning. I’m not even American but I’m stressed for all American’s4314699
  5. 5. Justin Trudeau has better hair than me.
  6. Justin Trudeau has a better butt than me.
  7. Terrorism
  8.  Jennifer Lawrence is probably my favourite human alive and I will never meet her nor be her.giphy
  9. The camera doesn’t add 10 pounds on me, it adds 20.

10. Obama’s dogs are wealthier than I ever will be.


11. Obama’s dogs don’t even know what wealth is.

12. Placing hot items near your reproductive organs can cause infertility and my laptop has been sitting on my lap since September


Me, everyday.

13. Gas is $1.20 and rising

14. The inevitability of death

15.“Sorry” is not a Canadian game, but it definitely deserves to be

16. The good maple syrup is $26 a bottletrump-wall-meme-300x223


17.If Trump builds a wall between us, I will no longer be able to visit Disneyland

18.Steven Avery is still in jail

19.The Canadian dollar is at 76 cents.

tumblr_n6q2gqIrNY1qhv4h7o1_40020.Dogs get offended when you lick them back. Seriously. I tried it.



Stress is 100% self inflected and I am 100% guilty of stressing about things that are not even worth stressing over and yet, I still stress out about them. The only cure for stress is laughter and if you can’t laugh about your stress, you’ll never get better. I encourage all who struggle with stress to write down the reasons why you’re stressed, and you may surprisingly find that you are stressed over the same reasons I am… over nothing important at all.




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