If 2015 was your Mother

19028587During one of many rainy, Canadian spring days, I made my way to the book store in hopes of finding a book good enough to have with a side of coffee and my favourite arm chair. To my surprise I managed to find and purchase a copy of “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, I say surprised because classic American literature from the early 20th century really isn’t my style of writing, but some impulse inside of me decided to purchase this book (it was probably the really cute cover design by Tiffany & Co. and the fact that Leo DiCaprio plays the lead role in the Great Gatsby movie). I surprised myself twice that day because not only did I purchase a $20 book on a whim, but I actually liked it and was enjoying reading it. Along with an intriguing storyline and creating characters that you want to murder yet love at the same time, Fitzgerald has this magical way with words that make sentences melt in your mouth and roll off your tongue. One particular quote that caught my attention in more ways than one was said by Nick Carraway, the main character of the novel. He says, “I am slow thinking and full of interior rules that act as breaks on my desires”. In 1925 when The Great Gatsby was originally published, this line had so much meaning but in 2015, almost 100 years later, it means so much more which is why I’m bringing attention to it. My generation lives in a world of “Yes” which reminds me of Jim Carry’s film “Yes Man” in which he must say yes to every opportunity that presents itself to him. If  2015 was your mother and you had to ask for permission to do things it would say, “Yes you can live and sleep together before your married, Yes you can get a tattoo and pierce 10 areas of your body that you didn’t even know existed, Yes you can drink alcohol regularly even if you aren’t getting drunk, Yes you can cross every line sexually before you’re married as long as you’re not actually having sex”. This “world of yes” seems like a wonderful thing to millennials and young adults of today’s generation because yes equals freedom according to the worlds standards. Being a young Christian in 2015, this idea often puts me in between a rock and a hard place. According to God, yes is not freedom, only HE is freedom but in order for us to truly be free and love God, we need to abide by his rules which are what draw my generation away from God. I too get so used to hearing ‘Yes’ in today’s society that the lines often become blurry for me between what’s okay to do according to society and what’s okay  according to God. It was this quote that sparked the idea in me to start a Christian blog about how to put your metaphorical brakes on your desires when society is handing out ‘Yes’s’ on a silver platter to everybody 30 and under.


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